Media Photography in Suffolk

Media and press photography is a subject Andy and Suzy specialize in.

Andy has won four photographer of the year awards and many finalist citations during his long career as a press photographer. Suzy has many years’ experience at regional daily newspaper titles and managing a photographic department for three weekly newspapers. This is a unique and exciting partnership harnessing many skills and experiences.

Andy has conducted many lectures and talks on his life as a press photographer and his favourite phrase is the “WOW factor”, every picture you take should result in your widespread audience looking at the image and thinking Wow. His teaching and ethos is no grip and grin thumbs up pictures but every picture taken should be a front page image, a photographer is an artist using a camera instead of paintbrush or pencil.

Press Photography in Suffolk

It is impossible to teach you to become an accomplished media photographer in the classroom, there must be a natural inbuilt ability to spot the unusual and make a great picture from an everyday situation or event. Both Andy and Suzy have lived and breathed photography all their working lives and it is a passion rather than just a job. Their years of experience is epitomised in the quality and inspiring imagery they produce from their assignments.

It is the everyday unpredictability of working in the media that inspires and captivates Andy and Suzy enjoying being able to adapt to any situation or scenario. From a Royal visit to golden wedding celebration from photographing celebrities to the drama of fires and accidents they have the ability to unthinkingly document and captivate incredible moments for posterity and timeless archive.

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